Creation of an SLA culture in the company and implementation and customization of Visionnaire Pacto, SLM software, to collect, measure and follow SLAs.

Implement a SLA / SLM solution in Cielo, mainly to measure to accompany the services of the Company's Call Center, both for internal and external attendance, and accompanying indicators of employees of the company and third parties.
Visionnaire has implemented Visionnaire Pacto, a software solution developed by the company to collect, measure and track SLAs (Service Level Agreements). In addition, Visionnaire assisted in the insertion of the SLA / SLM culture in Cielo.
With the assistance of Visionnaire, it was possible for Cielo to deploy an SLA / SLM solution to control its internal indicators, especially the Call Center indicators. More than 100 indicators throughout the project were planned, specified and implemented. In addition to the software solution itself, Visionnaire also assisted in the insertion of the SLA culture in Cielo.
The software system created and developed by the company, Visionnaire Pacto, is developed in Java and runs on Application Servers (IBM Websphere, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, or Apache Tomcat). The system allows the use of any database because of a layer of persistence that isolates and dependence on a specific database, but in most deployments in an enterprise environment the database used is Oracle. Reporting frameworks (such as JReports) and graphics generation (such as Highcharts and D3) are also used.
A detailed problem: Cielo needed a solution to measure and control its shared services' Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which were being restructured to a "full outsourcing" philosophy. The main area needing the deployment of an SLA / SLM (Service Level Management) solution was the Call Center. Internal and external customer service was performed by Cielo's professionals and outsourced professionals, mainly from EDS, and formalization of agreements, both internal and external, and the control and measurement of these agreements, were necessary. The project had the great challenge of starting from scratch, that is, not only a project for implementing and deploying an SLA and SLM solution, but there was also the great challenge of incorporating the SLA culture into the company.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire worked at all times in the process, not only with the software system, but also with consulting, mentoring and training in the SLA culture. In the first moments of the project, a training and mentoring plan was carried out and executed. Shortly thereafter, the consultancy assisted in the creation of the metrics notebook, the document that formalizes the SLAs, from where the raw data are collected, going through the way that the indicators are calculated and going as they are presented and tracked as graphs . For the entire solution, Visionnaire was assisted by its professionals in the field of Service Level Management, and implemented Visionnaire Pacto software, which is an SLA and SLM system implementation.