Positivo University had the help and partnership of Visionnaire to implement its Quality System based on Electronic Document Management (GED).

Positivo University.
The Positivo University had the need to improve and develop new modules to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards in its quality system called the Primacy System, and needed a serious company with trained professionals in management and development.
Through its expertise and high-quality professionals, Visionnaire has delivered, with speed and quality, all the improvement service, and provided the solution for Positivo University, providing a better organization for the audits carried out at Grupo Positivo.
All the work carried out reflected greater ease of access to information, mitigation of data manipulation errors, greater agility in decision making made by managers / managers, greater reliability of information and ease of registration of improvement opportunities in the system, leading to Also in better monitoring and management of audits. Now, with the control and follow-up of the Quality System and the Environmental System being carried out digitally, there is a greater facility in the elaboration of goals and planning for the next periods, which allows the forwarding of action plans and leaves the system within the Requirements of ISO 9001 (QMS) and ISO 14001 (SGA).
The Primacy System was developed using a free software platform, using PostgreSQL database and Linux CentOS operating system. In addition, the document infrastructure is realized using the free software project Alfresco, which is an implementation of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM Software (Business Process Management) allowing GED (Electronic Document Management). As development technologies have been used: Java language, JEE (Java Enterprise Edition), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Grails (Groovy on Rails), database access via Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) based queries, Application server with Tomcat.
Detailed problem: Positivo University needed an agile company, which besides the high technical and theoretical knowledge, also had practical experience and professionals in software development and new technologies. The main challenges identified for this development were the study of the codes used, inherited from another company that had started the project, for any necessary changes due to the need for improvements in quality processes, improvement of system layout, Visualization of files in Excel and Visio, improvement in the generation of PDF files, need to maintain the calendar standard, accuracy in page numbering and implementation of identification in the files (SGQ - Quality Management System and EMS - Environmental Management System ). The Grupo Positivo Primazia system is a great quality system for the entire organization, based on the concepts of Electronic Document Management (GED) and with infrastructure developed in free software and Alfresco.
Detailed solution: Visionnaire, through its know-how, both technical, theoretical and practical, provided Positivo University with all the necessary implementations of the Primacy system, providing a better organization for the audits carried out at Grupo Positivo. In addition, after the work carried out, it was possible to redeploy the system for use throughout the Positive Group, which follows the quality standards, being controlled and monitored in digital format.