Visionnaire developed the solution that allowed the cooperated physicians of Unimed Curitiba to electronically send their fees, allowing the analysis and modification of possible submissions made by the providers.

Unimed Curitiba
UNIMED of Curitiba needed an implementation to be carried out in the SCE, which is its system responsible for the treatments related to electronic accounts, both in the web module with the creation of new interfaces, as well as with the creation of a controller module.
Through the Visionnaire technical team, the entire system engine and its interfaces have been developed and implemented with the function of requesting and making available the data collection by the cooperators, enough to build the reports to be made available later in the medical fees system and Also the construction of the controller module that provided new validations and generation of TISS files.
The partnership between Visionnaire and Unimed provided the necessary changes and implementations to meet the new process of submitting medical fees, related to hospitalizations, independently by the members.
The technologies used for this project were: Java EE 7 (JSF, EJB, JAAS), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Apache Tomcat, PrimeFaces, WildFly 8 Application Server, and Oracle databases.
Detailed problem: Unimed Curitiba had the need of a partner company for implementations that needed to be performed to allow its members to pay their fees for surgical procedures or hospitalizations independently from the main provider and were divided into two parts: fee execution And the analysis of fees sent by PJ by the cooperative.
Detailed solution: Through its expertise and a good relationship acquired in previous projects, Visionnaire developed the system that allowed the cooperated physicians of Unimed Curitiba to send their fees electronically, enabling the analysis and modification of possible shipments made by the providers.