Unimed from Curitiba had a demand to integrate its employees into a corporate Intranet system, Visionnaire offered the solution with Visionnaire WebPublication.

Unimed Curitiba
Consolidate Unimed's corporate information and feed into a single area of internal affairs that makes a big difference in a company, such as cafeteria menus, opinion registration area, birthday mural, news channel, contacts And extensions of the collaborators, in a friendly internal and private environment of Intranet.
A friendly and complete Intranet network implemented in a fast and agile way, following the visual identity and the Unimed standards, and integration with the Benner management system.
At the end of the project, around one thousand people in various company units were able to integrate via an intranet, with a better flow of information and greater and more effective productivity in the communication with the employees by the board and between sectors and departments.
Among the technologies used were: integration with other systems through Java language (JEE), Windows Server operating system, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Apache Tomcat, XML, XSL, XSTL, JSP, Ajax / DWR, JQuery and MySQL databases And Oracle.
Detailed problem: The great challenge of this project was to optimize and consolidate Unimed's food and information exchange tool into a single area of internal affairs, a tool that can be treated as something simple, but that really makes all the difference In a company, for example, with the availability of cafeteria menus, area for opinions, space of the birthdays of the month, news mural, and contact details and extensions of employees. One of the biggest prerequisites was integration with multiple internal systems and the single sign-on via Windows Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Another necessary attribute was the integration with the internal management systems of Unimed, among them Benner, Datasul, SiGA and Biomeek. The most important integration today is with the Benner System.
Detailed solution: In response to the need for Unimed, Visionnaire has successfully developed and delivered a complete, user-friendly Intranet network, implemented in a fast and agile way, following the corporate identity and all Unimed standards, mainly integrated With the Benner management system. A major plus and added value of this project, which added a lot of value, was the implementation of single sign-on via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which works to the present day, and has brought high gains in productivity, and a Notable improvement in issues such as time and memory for system users. With attractive visual and easy interaction, developed in partnership with Unimed, the internal system became agile, effective and easy to collaborate.