Allocation of personnel for development and documentation of the Hospital System.

PUCPR - Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná.
Need to assist in the assembly of a high-performance development team to perform in the hospital system, acting in the software factory model with performance measured by function-point analysis techniques (APF).
Acting with great success in the development of hospital systems in the Outsourcing format, with allocation in software factory in the premises of Visionnaire, with a team of high performance development professionals, formed in partnership between Visionnaire and PUCPR personnel.
Completion of the development capacity of the PUCPR technical team, allowing the academic system of this institution to be developed and delivered according to its planning. This allowed PUCPR to respond to the needs of the business areas without the need to unnecessarily increase its internal staff.
The environment in which the academic system was embedded included the following technologies: Java language standard JEE, Pascal, ASP and PHP, Swing and Hibernate, JBoss Server, JSF, EJB and RichFaces, Apache / Maven, Crystal Reports, Sybase Databases, MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. The following methodologies were applied: object-oriented analysis with UML pattern, collaboration and sequence class diagrams, and relationship entity data modeling.
Detailed problem: PUCPR's IT department needed to add development capability for delivery of the hospital system. Although PUCPR's technical team was highly productive and had the necessary profile to develop the system, production capacity was insufficient to meet the deadlines defined by the business area, mainly for the development and testing phases. For this reason, PUCPR sought a development outsourcing solution under the software factory regime. The need was to hire a development team that would work in total synergy with the PUCPR team, capable of evaluating development efforts by applying point function analysis techniques. The systems developed were aimed at administering the hospitals of the APC group (Paranaense Association of Culture), such as Cajuru University Hospital, Santa Casa Hospital, Nossa Senhora da Luz Hospital, including the plans for Ideal Health and Aliança Saúde. The integration of systems using TISS standard regulated by ANS (National Health Agency).
Detailed solution: The PUCPR team identified functions or subsystems that were passed on to the Visionnaire plant. The two teams measured the development effort at function points, with development being allocated to the Visionnaire core software factory.