Visionnaire has worked closely with Electrolux to eliminate security issues in web systems, best practice advice and updates.

Home appliances.
Security issues in some systems available on the web that allowed hacker attacks and the need to upgrade some systems from the point of view of functionality as well as security.
Through the work of Visionnaire's professional's security issues were eliminated and knowledge was transferred to Electrolux, and the upgrades of some systems were carried out quickly and productively.
In the security section, with the help of Visionnaire professionals, it was possible to eliminate the security issues that were allowing hackers to hack into systems, as well as transferring that knowledge to Electrolux. In the system updates part, some of the contracted systems have been updated with the development and delivery done in an agile and productive way.
Security consulting work was carried out in some stages. A work was done to recommend best practices with the creation of a software development guideline, and to update internal sales systems for Electrolux employees throughout Latin America, the necessary updates were made. Among the technologies used are: Microsoft.NET, ASP, Integration with EDEN (Electrolux database that stores images), HTML production, the creation of dynamic pages, update of the home page for links to the developed projects and elimination of security flaws, Initial operation in two countries, Brazil and Chile.
Detailed problem: Electrolux had the need to modernize its systems running on the web in the security aspect. Some of its systems had been developed with technologies that presented serious security flaws due to the technology being used, which were known failures on the Internet due to defects in the products of the infrastructure manufacturers themselves but which had not been updated in Electrolux systems. In addition, there was a need for system upgrades running on Electrolux, which Visionnaire helped to upgrade.
Detailed Solution: Visionnaire worked with Electrolux to introduce the security flaws that the software platforms being used by the company presented and solved all security problems with knowledge transfer. And for updating some of Electrolux's systems, Visionnaire professionals worked on development delivering updates on time and with productivity. A process of consulting good practices and best practice guidelines for the development of software (software guidelines) was also carried out, mainly with a focus on security.