In order to comply with Anatel standards, Telefônica Celular (currently Vivo) uses Visionnaire Pacto © (SLM) to perform the measurement with more precision and improve the management of service quality indicators.

Telefônica Celular (currently Vivo).
Information Technology.
Measurement and management of service quality indicators according to Anatel standards.
Visionnaire Pacto © - product for Quality of Service Management (SLM).
With the use of Visionnaire Pacto ©, it was possible for Telefônica Celular to meet Anatel's information requests regarding the indicators established for the Personal Mobile Service - SMP. What was previously done manually and with spreadsheets started to be done automatically, and with reports online. In addition, Telefônica Celular (now Vivo) was able to extend the use of the Visionnaire Pacto © tool to other types of indicators, such as IT indicators, which were later implemented.
HTML, Java, J2EE, CORBA, XML, UML, JavaScript, Database.
Apache, Tomcat, Seagate Crystal Report, JasperReports, Eclipse, Oracle, Visionnaire Charon, Rational Rose, ERWin, XML Writer, VISP.
Detailed problem: Telefônica Celular (currently Vivo) needed to achieve certain levels of quality in indicators specified by Anatel. To meet these standards, it would be necessary to automate the measurement of quality indicators - Personal Mobile Service - and identify gaps in the indicator management process. This calculation was being done manually, without precision or monitoring, which made difficult its management.
Detailed Solution: Visionnaire Pacto © is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) management tool, where the provider and the customer formalize service / quality levels. The flexible architecture of Visionnaire Pacto® allows you to monitor various types of quality indicators, whether they are related to some technology or the operational efficiency of the service provider. What makes this flexibility possible are extractors, which adapt the performance data format of any system to the internal core format of the Visionnaire Pact.
SLAs can be fully configured in Visionnaire Pacto © by defining the quality indicators, their calculation formulas from the data collected, the quality levels and the actions that must be performed according to the level of quality presented. Data on service performance can be collected directly from company systems, such as performance management systems, Help Desk and Call Center. Through the computational actions associated with the rules, the product can interact with several company systems, such as ERP, CRM and Billing.