Professional Services

Difficulties in finding a suitable professional for your company?

Hiring or Outsourcing

We recruit or allocate the best talents to work for your company, just ask for the professional profile that seeks your needs.

Looking for Professionals

We look for qualified professionals and with experience to better perform your activities within the company.

Profile Analysis

Psychological analysis, behavioral analysis and professional analysis for selection of the most suitable candidates for the company's available position and culture.

Filter and Selection

The best candidates are filtered and selected, for submission and approval of the contracting company.

Optimizing your time

Time saver with lengthy and exhaustive selection processes, Visionnaire can find the ideal professional for your company respecting The required period.

Only the Bests

We've selected only the best professionals, with proven qualification and experience compatible with the available position.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We mapped a route to success through mutual satisfaction according to your company's professional need, aligned with the expectations of the selected professional.

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Talent Collection -

Talent Collection

We have a internal resumé collection registered in our database of the most diverse areas of activity.

Recruitment by Linkedin -

Recruitment by Linkedin

Visionnaire has a strong influence within Linkedin where there are a multitude of possible candidates.

Adapted Search -

Adapted Search

By adapting to company preferences, there is a possibility of searching for candidates in varied hiring conditions such as Freelancer, CLT or Outsourcing Services.