Applications Outsourcing

How about a specific project your need with what has the best in the technology market?

Custom Applications

We develop complete solutions using the main platforms and applications available in the market, or a specific solution created exclusively for your company.

Know in which areas of outsourcing we work

Our services are presented in three performance categories:

Market Applications - Visionnaire | Application Outsourcing

Market Applications

Visionnaire is prepared to develop and work with the main market applications involved in your project.

Proprietary Applications - Visionnaire | Application Outsourcing

Proprietary Applications

We optimize and improve applications on platforms already developed or being developed by the client (peculiar and specific).

Custom Applications - Visionnaire | Application Outsourcing

Custom Applications

Tailor-made application development for the client or use of Visionnaire products such as WebPublication.

According to your need

We offer Application Outsourcing services in the most varied demands of the market, see which fits your need:


Developed for your company

Realizamos ou damos continuidade a um projeto desenvolvido exclusivamente para o seu negócio com uma equipe habilitada e afinada, buscando sempre as melhores soluções alinhadas a sua real necessidade e objetivo.



We implement preventive maintenance based on an observation and study of the application, identifying in advance any failures or errors that may arise, improving reliability by offering a better structure for future maintenance.


Variable problems

With profiles "DevOps Services", we enforce the correction of inappropriate behavior that causes problems in the use or operation of the system and any deviations from the requirements necessary to perform business tasks, as well as the improvement of its platform.



We adapt your application to changes in the operating environment, including basic hardware and software, version changes, language and database, which do not imply insertion, change or exclusion of functionalities.


Normative or perfective

We perform the inclusion, alteration and exclusion of features and / or functionalities in applications, either to improve performance, quality, add new features or changes to business rules by virtue of laws, standards, guidelines, etc.


Most used

We have trained professionals, experts in tools and platforms to develop their needs with the largest applications in the market, such as SAP systems, ERPs, Payment Methods, Tax Solutions, BI, Satellite Applications, Integrations, Legacy Systems, etc.


And specialized teams

We provide specific professionals and teams to develop your IT project as demand is demanded, we have a specialized Human Resources (HR) structure in which you select and allocate talents for your company
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