Applications Outsourcing

How about a project that has the best in the technology market?

Custom Applications

Complete solutions with the major platforms and applications available on the market, or a solution built specifically for your business.

Market Applications

We have the most capable professionals to develop with the biggest and best applications in the market.

Allocation of Professionals

Visionnaire provides professionals and specialized teams , with agility and flexibility through a specialized Human Resources (HR) structure that selects and allocates the best IT professional to your demand.

Customer Applications

Trained and experienced professionals to develop applications for each client.

Corrective Maintenance

Correction of inappropriate behavior that causes problems in the use or operation of the system and any deviations from the requirements necessary to perform business tasks.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adequacy of the application to changes in the operating environment, including hardware and basic software, changes of version, language and database, which do not imply insertion, change or exclusion of functionalities.

Evolutionary or Normative Maintenance

Inclusion, change, and exclusion of features and/or functionalities in applications, arising from changes in business rules identified by the client and/or demands by virtue of laws, standards, guidelines, etc.


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Ready Applications -

Ready Applications

Applications using the most recognized tools and platforms in the market such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

Applications developed by the Client -

Applications developed by the Client

Optimization and application improvements on platforms already developed or being developed by the client.

Own Applications -

Own Applications

Tailor-made application development for the client or use of Visionnaire products such as WebPublication.